Welcome to Go Social

Norwich's newest and fastest-growing way to meet new people, try new things and make new friends. All in real life not just online.

Go Social is where you find friends, we are not an online dating service, we’re not even just online friends but where you can find real, life long, friends.

Upcoming events

Drinks and Dancing
Start in the Glasshouse for a few cheap bevvies then maybe a couple elsewhere before ending up in Cu...
Becky Sep 20 2014, Saturday 19:30
Come and join in a few games of friendly Badminton.  The court usually booked for 7.40 and nor...
Graham Sep 22 2014, Monday 20:00
GoSo Get Together
Come and enjoy chat, laughs and a drink or two all in the good company of your fellow members. ...
GoSocial Sep 23 2014, Tuesday 19:30
Badminton - open to all comers, just for fun. Courts are £6 per hour divided by however many attend...
Simon Sep 24 2014, Wednesday 20:30
Maddermarket Kitchen
I've been meaning to put this up for sometime. This is a lovely little restaurant next door to the M...
William Sep 25 2014, Thursday 19:30

How it works

We are a multi-activity social club in Norwich, Norfolk and North Suffolk, for the benefit of the members.
Our social events are organised by our members and crew and published online.

Our events are only limited by the imagination of the members and include:

Comedy clubs
Meals out
Drinks nights
Weekends away
Night clubs
Day Trips
Fine Dining
Games Nights
Boat Trips
Art Exhibitions
Rock Climbing
And so much more

But don't take our word for it. Sign up for free and see for yourself. All we ask is if you like it, please consider donating towards the running costs, however there is no obligation.

How do I join?

Simple, just fill in the registration form and tell us a bit about you and your interests.

Go Social - Make new friends and get out more in Norwich

Welcome to Go Social, Norwich's newest and most happening way to meet new people, try new things and make new friends. All in real life not just online.
Probably the fastest growing

Social Club in Norwich

What will you be doing this weekend???

We have more than 30 social activities per month!!!