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GoSocial is where you find friends, we are not an online dating service, we’re not even just online friends but where you can find real, life long, friends.

Upcoming events

Woman in Mind
Join me for an evening at this delightful theatre. 'Woman in Mind' looks an intriguing play and par...
Rich Jan 21 2022, Friday 19:00
The Sound of Music
Feel free to join me to help solve a problem like Maria for the last performance in Norwich :) Purc...
Adrian Jan 22 2022, Saturday 07:15
Greyhound Racing at Yarmouth Stadium
Join me for a fun night at the dogs! Meet at the turnstiles 6.30pm, so we can do the 'Go-So' charge...
Rich Jan 22 2022, Saturday 18:45
Sunday Walk- Beccles
Lovely Beccles  This will be 7-8 miles loop , starting  and ending in the town centre We...
Julie Jan 23 2022, Sunday 11:00
Belgium Monk
The deal has changed you now have to eat before 6pm and it’s £9 a head. They also add a service char...
SallyAnn Jan 25 2022, Tuesday 17:30

How it works

We are a multi-activity social club in Norwich, Norfolk and North Suffolk, for the benefit of the members.
Our social events and activities are organised by our members and published online.

Our events and activities are only limited by the imagination of the members and include, but is in no way limited to:

Comedy clubs
Meals out
Drinks nights
Weekends away
Night clubs
Day Trips
Fine Dining
Games Nights
Boat Trips
Art Exhibitions
Rock Climbing
And so much more

But don't take our word for it. Sign up for free and see for yourself.

How do I join?

Simple, just fill in the registration form and tell us a bit about you and your interests.

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Welcome to GoSocial, Norwich's biggest and best way to meet new people, try new things and make new friends. All in real life not just online.

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