GoSocial Member Testimonials

There is a lot of information on the GoSocial community available for you but don't take it from us. Below is the experiences of some of our members as written by them.

Andy tells us how he’s rebuilt his social life after long term illness;
Before I discovered GoSocial I didn't socialise, didn't go anywhere, I only had a couple of friends, but they had partners, so didn't really socialise and basically, I just sat about watching tv.
I was very ill four years ago and gained weight through medication and sitting about. The first two years were the worst time of my life, it’s been a difficult process getting back to the Andy my family once knew.
One night I discovered GoSocial, I can’t actually remember how but I did, I joined and within a week I attended my very first event, it was a meal event at the Nelson, I got there early and introduced myself to the host, he made me very welcome and explained a bit about GoSocial. As members arrived he introduced them to me.
I met 12 lovely members that night, they all made me feel comfortable and at ease. I had a lovely night, went home and signed up to lots more events. I met more members, made some friends and good mates.
When I posted my very first event I got some exceptional feedback and am now hosting 19 events of my own, all are fully booked which has astounded me with the response. It gives me such a buzz hosting an event, seeing friends having a great time and other members are giving me praise and ideas for more events. I’m also attending over 30 other events.
Before GoSocial I had nothing going on in my life and now think it was the best decision I have ever made joining GoSocial. I’ve never been out so much in my life, I really enjoy my time with my fellow members but also made some very good friends.
If it wasn't for GoSocial, I and many members would not be here now enjoying time out with fellow members, making some really good friends for life and I believe other members lives have been changed like mine.

Julie discovered GoSocial in February and shares her thoughts;
To me personally, I have found GoSocial to be a breath of fresh air. The people you meet are from all walks of life but all have one thing in common, to meet new people and have fun. You may find the first couple of sessions daunting and may feel too anxious to have fun on your first visit, but I guarantee your experience will be at the very least a pleasurable one.
The team work hard to organise a variety of events that cater for everyone’s interests so you will soon have your calendar full of fun activities.
When I started I was never sure which events to go to as I didn’t just want to turn up to an event and be the only person who didn’t know anyone, how do make a start with these things? The team organises regular “get togethers” for new members/ or for people who haven’t been to an event for a while. So if you begin with these, everyone you meet will be in the same boat and you soon build confidence and start chatting to other members. These events are well organised and the event team will invite you so you know when / where they are. For me personally it was the perfect start (baby steps!)
I genuinely cannot wait until my time is freer so I can commit to more of these events and to see the faces I have met before and to meet new ones!

Nicole from Norwich, has been a member since April kindly tells us her story;
It can be a bit daunting attending something new and on your own too, But the only way to open the door...is to open the door! So that’s what I did, I trusted that there would be lots of other people just like me and there were. A nice mixed group, mixed ages and everyone very welcoming and friendly. Really enjoyed my first Go-So Get together and since have enjoyed Badminton, Drinks and am looking forward to Archery and lots of other events. Try it, I will be surprised if you don’t like it and if you do I look forward to meeting you.

James from Norwich, has been a member since April, this is his comments on his first time joining us;
I was very nervous before my first social, but when I arrived, I soon relaxed, as I realised that everyone was there for the same reason: to have fun meeting new people.

Katy from Norwich, member since March, she shares this for us;
Everyone was very welcoming on my first GoSocial event. I went bowling and was very anxious about not knowing anyone but I was made to feel at ease very quickly by the hosts and everyone was really friendly so I had a great night. I didn't feel like an outsider and at every event I've been to I've met at least a couple of new people and have always been made to feel part of the wider group. I think the group and events are organized in a helpful and relaxed way with a variety of activities put on by GoSocial organizers and members, which gives everyone the opportunity to get involved and feel included.

Barry recently moved from Essex to Suffolk member since May, told us this about GoSocial
I have to say that since I have moved to Suffolk it has been very hard to find new friends, but then I heard about GoSocial. I must say it was very hard at first to meet new people but once I said my name and hello it was easy and fun to do. I have now been to two events and I have really enjoyed every minute of it meeting some really lovely people, as everyone is really friendly. I would say that I recommend GoSocial to anyone that is looking for great new friends and fun trips out. I am really looking forward to the next get together. So if you would like to meet some really lovely people get yourself to the next event as you will not meet new people every time you tell yourself "not this week". I thought that it was really hard to do once but now I love every minute with my new friends.

Stacy joined us in December and tells us how her social life has improved
I first joined GoSocial in December. As a business owner and a parent, my social life had been severely neglected over the last few years. Many of my friends were married, had children or were dating, therefore making plans were often near on impossible. My first GoSocial event was at a comedy night. I’m a huge comedy fan and therefore this was a safe bet for me – I figured if I didn’t like the company at least I would enjoy the evening. Thankfully everyone was extremely welcoming and I enjoyed getting to know them, even making a few new friends. Immediately after the event I booked on to my next and also decided to host my own. What I love about GoSocial is that there is something happening most nights and therefore if you find yourself at a loose end or child free then you can always attend an event – there’s no need to sit home alone. If there is a restaurant you fancy eating at or a film you want to see and you don’t want to do it alone you can host an event and make a night of it with others.

The following comments have been made by the members on the events page of the website. These comments usually appear after members have been to their first events;

  • Was great to meet u tonight. Including the crazy bunch ;-) xx.
  • What a great bunch of people!! Thanks for making me feel so welcome. I think I got round to talking to most of you I think :-)
  • Look forward to meeting more of you at some of the events, thank you for making us feel welcome Thank you :).
  • Was great to meet everyone :) xx.
  • Thanks for a good night, see you all soon xx.
  • Cheers everyone for the eve/night, until a next occasion :)
  • Yep, great to meet heaps of new people! thanks all for a great night :) xx.
  • I had a great time last night. Thanks to everyone who came along. Look forward to seeing you all soon at the next one! lovely to meet you all the other day. Thanks for making us feel welcome :)
  • Thanks Graham for tonight's event. It was a nice to see a few people. And I look forward to speaking to many others at future events (:
  • Hi, thank you all. My first venture out on my own for a long time and so lovely to meet some of you. Looking forward to next time xx.
  • Great to meet some of you tonight, was a good giggle and looking forward to the next one.
  • Great to meet everyone last night, the nervous newbie was made to feel really welcome, thanks. Look forward to coming on more events and meeting many more of you :)
  • Thanks everyone for being so friendly and welcoming to me and Karen. We really enjoyed it.
  • Hey guys .thank you for a lovely evening, it was great meeting new people
  • Thank you so much for a lovely night was so nice to meet you all, i look forward to seeing you all in the future. :)
  • Thanks everyone for being so welcoming and friendly. Look forward to seeing you all again soon and speaking to those of you I didn't get the chance to meet properly last night.

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