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What is GoSocial?

GoSocial could be described as a social community, real life social network or social club. It's a way of getting out, meeting new people, making new friends and just generally having a good time.

How does it work?

We and our member host a wide range of events and activities, (usually about 40-50 per month), to which all members are invited. Members may also host their own events for things they are interested in.

How much does it cost?

Your choice! You pay as much or as little as you feel its worth. There are no monthly or annual subscriptions, however you are responsible for paying your own way at social events and activities.
All we ask is if you use and enjoy the service, please consider making a donation to keep it running and enable us to improve the service, for you.

Why should I join?

There are so many reasons:

* Finding yourself stuck indoors and nowhere to go?
* All your friends moved on, loved up or have families now?
* Just want to meet new people?
* Don't want to socialise with the people you work with?
* Want to expand your social circle?
* Fancy trying new things, but no-one you know does them?

What have you got to lose? There are no charges, if you don't like it, don't pay!

Why was GoSocial set up?

GoSocial was created out of dissatisfaction with the existing social clubs in Norwich, we set out to create a community that was run in Norwich, for the people of Norwich, Norfolk & North Suffolk and that didn't discriminate by age or status.

When was GoSocial created?

We created this website and soft launched in March 2013 but it wasn't until April 2013 we really got going.

What makes GoSocial different?

* We welcome everyone as a member
* There are no upper age restrictions policies
* No eligibility requirements
* We don't insist you go through a trial period before deciding if you can join.
* We are run entirely in Norwich for the members.
* We do not censor or vet the events.
* Our Community Admin has undergone an enhanced DBS check.
* Did we mention that there are no charges!

How many members are there?

As of Jan 2019 we have 998 members *

What age are the members?

We have the following age breakdown, correct as of Jan 2019 *
Teens 1% (You must be over 18 to join)
20s 18%
30s 28%
40s 26%
50s 20%
60s+ 8%

Is it for Singles or Couples?

Both! We have many members who are single, many who are couples, some who are part of a couple and a few who don't fit the conventional categories.
Couples are very welcome but we are unable to process join applications. Both members of the couple would need their own profile as each profile can only book their own place at events. Eg. a couple wants to go to a meal, they will require 2 seats so they need 2 profiles to book the 2 seats.

How many events are there?

The actual number of events over the last few years are:
2014 417
2015 399
2016 412
2017 620
2018 611
2019 581
2020 272 Nos reduced due to pandemic
2021 266 Nos reduced due to pandemic

What do I need to do to come to one of your events or activities?

Once you've registered all you need to do is choose what you'd like to come to, hit the 'I'm Attending' button and turn up, it really is that simple.

How do I join?

Simple, just fill in the registration form and tell us a bit about you and your interests.

* Figures correct as of Jan 2019. Due to the pandemic 2019 provides a more realistic overview of a typical year.

How do I join?

Simple, just fill in the registration form and tell us a bit about you and your interests.

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